Nico Arrives!

Nico joins us in New Zealand

600g of Blue Steak, much to Nico’s Delight

Nico's Raw Meat Steak

NicoFor the last evening meal, before heading to Gillespie Pass, Cookie booked a table at steak house called Flame Bar & Grill – Great steak. Great Fun. I was delighted to find that they served meat dishes exceeding half a kg! And you could order it ‘blue’ (that’s raw’er than raw my friends). Blue – for the real meat connoisseur. Yes please.

Bus to Makarora, Setting off in the drizzle

Setting off to cross the Makarora River in drizzle

Finally on the other side of the Makarora River

Walking back down the Makarora

..and so the Stream Jumping begins..

Ollie and Nico stream jumping and keeping the camera safe

CookieThe shots from this section have been interesting to edit and put together, we now have 3 monster cameras (Canon 5D x2, plus Nikon D3s) capturing the action from every angle. This means I have 3 times as many photos to wade through when making the final selection for the blog (hence recent delays..), but it does mean we caught a lot of ‘action’ that sometimes gets missed. Looking over this section the thing that stands out is stream jumping shots, we took a shit load! This is the first, but won’t be the last :)

Nicky & Nico Climbing a Steep Section

Climbing a Steep 100m Section

Crossing Young River South Branch

Crossing Young River South Branch

Nico Surveying the Dreadful View

Nico Surveying the Mt Dreadful View

Nico Fanning the Fire at Siberia Valley Camp

Fanning the Fire at Siberia Valley Camp

Much Stream Jumping Today

Much Stream Jumping Today