Washed Up Driftwood

Satan's Sawmill

Sun Bleached Stump

Sun Bleached Stump

NickyIf you’re a photographer, this is the place to come. So much character to capture in these salt smoothed mammoths. It’s hard to do it justice. You’ll just have to cone and explore it for yourself :)

“Have you seen where we’re going tomorrow Nicky?!”

Have you seen where we're going tomorrow Nicky?!

CookieWe could see a feint trail high up on a steep scree slope leading to Waiau Pass. Nicky wasn’t overly excited by the prospect of heading that way tomorrow, I managed to convince her that it always looks much harder from a distance – “when you’re actually there, it won’t be as bad on close inspection”. Turns out I was wrong, this really was a bloody steep exposed route!

Rock climbin’

Nicky scrambling, black and white

Nicky“Over the top and just nip down the othe… Ooooh” Pretty steep the far side too eh? But this time some good old fashioned rock climbing. Yey brilliant, I’m shit at this :) Some great tutoring from Cookie however, got me down this vertical wedge of lumpy rock, even though chunks of it were manoeuvred across on my bum cheeks ;) Thank goodness those North Face shorts are made of stern stuff or it’d have been a drafty afternoon in the nether regions.

Nico Arrives!

Nico joins us in New Zealand

Ollie Arrives!

Ollie joins us in New Zealand