Looking Good!

Nicky looking good/rough

NickyHaha Feeling well minging today. But luckily we bagged ourselves a sweet camp spot on the only piece of grass for miles around. Nice find Cookie!

It’s shearing time!

Cookie after a beard shave

Nicky’s Bad Hair Day

Nicky's Bad Hair Day

NickyI’m bloody cream crackered I am!! And no mistake. “Go on without me! Just leave me here to die…” – well, not quite that bad ;) But there was no way I had it in me to get through the forthcoming boulder climb of a path, even if it was only 2 miles as the crows fly. A bumbling rambling mess, Cookie sniffed out a splendid stealth camp spot, and rolled me up in the tent for the night. Not before administering the universal perker-upper-er that is, a stiff shot of boozes in mug of Berocca.

Thank god I am hiking with super kitted Doctor Livingstone here! We stopped short of bringing the candelabra, but you never know what you’ll need ;)

“Have you seen where we’re going tomorrow Nicky?!”

Have you seen where we're going tomorrow Nicky?!

CookieWe could see a feint trail high up on a steep scree slope leading to Waiau Pass. Nicky wasn’t overly excited by the prospect of heading that way tomorrow, I managed to convince her that it always looks much harder from a distance – “when you’re actually there, it won’t be as bad on close inspection”. Turns out I was wrong, this really was a bloody steep exposed route!

The Three Faces of “No”

Nicky's Three Faces of

Nicky1. Pretty reticent
2. No longer able to conceal my concern
3. Gibbering to avoid facing the truth!

I was really noT sure about this, as you can tell! We were a fair few days into the tramp, and fatigue was setting in. Knowing I wasn’t totally on the ball, or feeling 110% my gut instinct was telling me this was a really bad idea!

WooHoo We’re Rescued!

WooHoo We're Rescued! ( Dallas diptic of happy faces )