Nicky’s Bad Hair Day

Nicky's Bad Hair Day

NickyI’m bloody cream crackered I am!! And no mistake. “Go on without me! Just leave me here to die…” – well, not quite that bad ;) But there was no way I had it in me to get through the forthcoming boulder climb of a path, even if it was only 2 miles as the crows fly. A bumbling rambling mess, Cookie sniffed out a splendid stealth camp spot, and rolled me up in the tent for the night. Not before administering the universal perker-upper-er that is, a stiff shot of boozes in mug of Berocca.

Thank god I am hiking with super kitted Doctor Livingstone here! We stopped short of bringing the candelabra, but you never know what you’ll need ;)

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  1. Chris says:
    on 23rd Dec at 07:31 am

    Tonight Matthew I’m going to be Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall.