Mossy Mammoths

Mossy Mammoths

NickyThere are some huge trees in this forest. And I guess you don’t get to be their age without being battered by a few biblical storms. There’s always a few blowdowns to climb over, around, under, or through. But here they are of a different magnitude altogether. This guy looks like he’s been sleeping a fair old while though, being slowly absorbed into the fabric of the landscape. Thanks to whoever hacked a path straight through this giant! That musta been hard graft.

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  1. Christofel says:
    on 24th Dec at 05:24 am

    It’s like you’re on a miisosn to save me time and money!

  2. Igor says:
    on 4th Apr at 06:15 am

    A plienasgly rational answer. Good to hear from you.