Across New Zealand in 3 and a half minutes!

I‘ve just finished this short highlights video of the Te Araroa. It’s roughly in chronological order from the Top of the North Island to the bottom of the south, unfortunately I don’t have any footage of us getting to the end due to a memory card malfunction… Song used: Bow Wow by Tommy Bass

Flickr photo set – I’ve edited our mountain of photos down to reasonably easy to flick through 200 photo set of the highlights. And then a slightly longer 1000 odd photo set that covers the trail in a bit more depth.

01. Far North

Thar she blows! Cape Reinga, the start of the walk

Cape Reinga

NickyBrilliant to finally see the famous light house out in front of us and knowing the real adventure is about to start. But also feeling quite apprehensive suddenly. I think about the isolation, and being so far from people and help ( although I know that i’m in the expert wilderness-trained hands of Cookie of course ) and I know everything will be totally fine – but I think the remoteness of the location and the magnitude of the task in hand is starting to sink in! And, as they say in Bad Boys II, “This shit just got real!”.

Start of the Te Araroa Trail

Start of the Te Araroa Trail

Destination -> Bluff


And we’re off!

Windy Start

CookieIt’s a bit windy up here at the Cape but the sun is shining and it feels great to finally start the walk. Not far to go today because it was about 3.30pm by the time we finally stopped taking pictures and video at the lighthouse.

First sight of our first beach

First beach

Nicky gives it the once over, “just like Cornwall… but MASSIVE” she says.

Nipped around this bit just before the tide came in

Cookie walking, lava flows

CookieThis is an old lava flow that we’re walking along, apparently the top end of New Zealand used to be a separate volcanic island which has been joined onto the north island by the ocean currents pushing sand up the coast. There’s certainly plenty of sand about.. Gets everywhere! 

Nicky walking along Te Werahi Beach

Nicky walking along beach

NickyThe first beach. Excited to be by the seaside.

Climbing up Herangi Hill

Climbing sandy dunes

Blimey it’s like the Sahara Desert here!

Cookie with Cape Maria van Diemen in the background

Cape Maria van Diemen

CookieThe cape in the background was named by Abel Tasman after the wife of his patron, Anthony van Diemen. It is – along with the Three Kings Islands – one of only two geographic features in New Zealand to retain the names given to them by Abel Tasman. Cheers Wikipedia! Well I’m not sure if Maria was a looker, but the cape named after her isn’t too shabby.