Mimiwhangata Coastal Park

Mimiwhangata Bay

CookieWe’re off trail at the moment, on an alternate route that I thought looked interesting on the maps (yellow line). Didn’t realise that there was a DOC coastal park down here, or how stunningly beautiful it would be. This has been by far our favourite section to date :) Word of warning though: After Te Ruatahi Island the park ends and the final stretch to the road, Pareparea Bay is a private beach. We found this out from the Maori living at the end of the beach, who to be honest didn’t look too happy about seeing us initially.. But were quite amused by our walk across NZ and gave us permission and directions to get out onto Rockells Road. Phew, was worried for a moment we’d have to do a hell of a long walk back if they didn’t!

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