House Spotting

Checking Depth of Okura River

NickyWe come across a lot of property on our long stroll and have become very much connoisseurs of the fantasy house shopping scene. And coupled with the occasional episode of Grand Designs on UKTV on a rest day, we’ve come to the conclusion we’re probably going to need three houses ;) One giant flash modern one with a citrus orchard and vin yard, one vaulted ceilinged wooden cabin in the forest looking out over a valley and a lake, and one beach bach (beach house) in a private bay. That should probably cover it… yeh… ;)

Oh … And maybe a chopper to baz around between them. Ya gotta have a chopper eh.

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  1. Thierry says:
    on 30th Nov at 03:35 am

    Not sure this text rules for a frog to learn english. Let’s read next.