Setting off to Rabbit Pass

Setting off to Rabbit Pass

NickySo after many days in the mountains, climbing up and over Gilespie Pass, fording the ominous Wilkin river at Kerin Forks, gasping in awe at Mt.Pollux, and swanning about in glacial lakes, it was time for the finale. All we had to do now, was nip up a 100-metre sheer cliff face of waterfall, and back down the steep slippery rock gully the other side… “Piece of piss” I hear you say? 

Three Dutch guys had headed up the day before to check out if it looked do-able. It was decided that if they didn’t come back it was probably a go-er. Although I pointed out that if they didn’t return, that may not necessarily be a good sign! :)

CookieAlso our stretch of good weather looked like it was going to end, we’d been told rain was on the way and today would be our last fine day. It’s not recommended to attempt Rabbit Pass in poor weather, so we had to get a move on and get over it quick before it turned bad.

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