Midnight Mt Cook

Midnight Mt Cook

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  1. Jane and Nick says:
    on 20th Apr at 09:34 am

    Pardon then French but that is a f*cken awesome photo Cookie – congrats, we might have to get a copy off you once you’re back in the UK.
    Nick & Jane

  2. on 16th Jul at 01:38 am

    […] rivers, and exposed mountain peaks we faced as we clambered across, and slept wild in some of the most beautiful places on earth. Did we survive the parrot attack? Would Bear Grylls be proud? Have a look see […]

  3. Evan Vandermeer says:
    on 5th Jan at 08:37 am

    Beautiful picture! Truly amazing.

    I’m sure you’ve received plenty of requests like this before, but I stumbled on your blog and you two seem very fit to help me out. A friend and I plan on hiking the Te Araroa just like you two in late 2015, and I have a few questions that I would like to throw at someone with experience of making the hike. The email link under “Get in Touch” doesn’t work for some reason, so would you mind shooting me a message at this address? I would really, really appreciate it. Thanks!

  4. on 14th Sep at 10:49 am

    Absolutely magnificent, stunning visual…this is a 1x-in-a-lifetime-picture and pure inspiration. Reading about your journey is life-affirming and magic…thank you and please keep on. :)