Margarita Frenzy

Margarita Frenzy

NickyI’m getting excited just writing this. Just look at them Marges! Taste, in, a, glass. The four of us had completed our two epic mountain missions. Special customised Te Araroa detours, carefully selected and prepared for Ollie and Nico to give the them the ultimate mountain experience, and enough photographic material to fill a Foursquare carrier-bag full of memory cards.

Valleys, mountains, labyrinthian forests, snow, sunburn, epic climbs and descents, dicey river crossings, glacial lake swimming, avalanches, alpine cabins, man-eating parrots, fine wine, frozen tents, glorious campfires, perfect steaks, jet boats, and evening rum cocktails. To name but a few highlights. It’s amazing what you can pack into a couple of weeks. And tonight, we celebrate!

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