11a. Mt Aspiring National Park – Part 1

11b. Mt Aspiring National Park – Part 2

Nico Arrives!

Nico joins us in New Zealand

Ollie Arrives!

Ollie joins us in New Zealand

Ollie & Nico go crazy at the Duty Free

6 Bottles of duty free booze

600g of Blue Steak, much to Nico’s Delight

Nico's Raw Meat Steak

NicoFor the last evening meal, before heading to Gillespie Pass, Cookie booked a table at steak house called Flame Bar & Grill – Great steak. Great Fun. I was delighted to find that they served meat dishes exceeding half a kg! And you could order it ‘blue’ (that’s raw’er than raw my friends). Blue – for the real meat connoisseur. Yes please.

Mixed Grill Platter, much to Cookie & Ollie’s Delight

Mixed Grill Platter in Queenstown

Bus to Makarora, Setting off in the drizzle

Setting off to cross the Makarora River in drizzle

My Verdict – Makarora River is Un-Crossable Today!

Cookie Crossing the Makarora River

Finally on the other side of the Makarora River

Walking back down the Makarora