Wine Tasting through the Hangover

Wine Tasting Through the Hangover

CookieNico’s been looking for a bottle of his favourite tipple everywhere – Chard Farm’s Tiger. Turns out his plonk of choice is so popular it’s complete sold out, not bad for a brew you’re not even supposed to drink for another 8 years!?! Anyhow he could wait a few weeks for this years grape harvest, or we could get stuck into some wine that was ready for drinking right now. We choose the latter.

What we discovered:
We still like Mt Difficulty when sober.
Otago make some great Pinot Noir.
It’s very difficult to workout your favourite without re-tasting to check your judgement along the way.
Wine tasting is pretty expensive in Queenstown..

NickyPlease note: This image is me posing with a wine glass for photographic effect. I could not bring myself to actually drink the red poison!

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