Whirlpool Adventure

Nicky & Josh going fast on a rapid

Nicky“Paddle!!”… shouts Josh. I have to do some proper paddling occasionally when we hit rapids and whirlpools ;) We hit a giant whirlpool today that’s not normally there, at the bottom of a ‘usually tiny’ waterfall, that had turned into a raging violent torrent, gushing into the main river and creating a ‘rather exciting’ patch for us to navigate across. Just after tell us that they can suck your boat right under! Needless to say there was much swearing as we emergency paddled through! :D

Josh and Mitch couldn’t wait to pull up and get a glimpse of the convoy of wet people behind us. I imagined them getting sucked into the froth and catapulted into the whirlpool.  “Its no fun unless you tip out! That’s the whole point!” haha ;)

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