We Heart Porters Hut

Porters Hut, Richmond Range

NickyBrilliant ‘vintage’ hut here. None of your girly safety warnings here. Axes, hatchets, and bone saws on every shelf, and a giant roll of bog roll. What else do you need? A proper man’s hut. Hand painted signs and maps in inches on the walls, it even invited you to take a rain gauge reading from the milk churn outside. Cool! 

We made fire outside, and cooked double noodles ( in a manly fashion ). Packed up and headed for the Red Hills. Go go go! The pub’s a callin’!

Ps – Was very sad indeed to hear that Porter’s Hut is set for demolition :( Modern health and safety. Shame shame shame… Maybe just build the new hut onto the side? Too bad to loose this icon of mountain lifestyle.

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