The Seagull Conspiracy

The Seagull Conspiracy

NickyI don’t know if it’s the heat or the dehydration but these seagulls are certainly smelling fishy to me. No matter where you are there’s always two of the buggers out in front of you edging about, eyeing you up. You can never get near before they shoot off, only to be replaced a few minutes later with two identical ones further up the beach. We’ve started to think there are only two on the entire of 90 mile beach and they’re being redeployed along the length for surveillance purposes. We are clearly displaying very suspicious behavior being the only people on the beach not caning it along on a four-by-four, so I’m imagining the seagull authorities are keeping a close eyeon us should we start muscling in on their shell fish. Either that or they suspect we’re packing chips and ice-cream in our backpacks, and they are waiting to catch us off guard before they launch their attack on us…

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  1. Kate says:
    on 29th Oct at 02:16 pm

    Spooky! We once had a kurrawong (big magpie like bird with yellow eyes) follow us on a trail in the blue mountains as if he was showing us the way – very creepy.

  2. on 16th Nov at 10:11 pm

    […] on my camera only goes up to 35mm, so is generally pretty useless at wildlife photography. Luckily Steven Seagall was putting on a show today and flew straight past our picnic bench :) Hide […]