Tengu’s Teddy Has Gone Mental!

Tengu's Teddy Has Gone Mental!

NickyO.M.G. Well, you know I love a good rummage in a hut book, see who’s been through. How many days ahead they are, see if we’ve made up time. What’s the gossip. All that. But the book in Fern Burn was a never-before-seen bumper edition. Aside from hello’s from Wendy, (Twisel), Andrew (Richmond Alpine Range), Alex & Shalane aka “The Girls”, and the Tasties of course – The main event… An unmissable transmission from the mysterious Possi-man. Being held captive against his will, by evil ginger – The Tengu ! Oh Noes! :-O

It was, a cry for help. This possum has been tied to the back of The Tengu’s backpack for months. Trussed up like a chicken. Helpless. Only when he is dumped onto a table top, and The Tengu, distracted by food, can his little claws reach out to scratch a hurried SOS message onto whatever surface he can find. He’s desperate. You can tell by the tone of his scribblings. That, and the thing about rhinos (???). The poor little possum has gone delusional in the heat. I hope he’s managed to gnaw his way out if his bonds. If not, he’ll be wishing he’d taken a gob full of 1080 cyanide when he had the chance. Poor ol’ bugger.

Kilted one. If you are reading this. FREE POSSI-MAN! You dirty possum burglar! 

I don’t know, but maybe Tengu’s been in the mountains too long ;) … Ha! Me too, probably…

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  1. Olivier says:
    on 23rd Dec at 08:43 pm

    That’s a slick answer to a chnlaelging question

  2. Wage says:
    on 8th Apr at 06:07 pm

    I want to send you an award for most helpful inntreet writer.