Things we’ve found on the beach


Other things we’ve found on the beach include: Massive green lipped Mussel shells, Starfish, more shells, Stringray, yet more shells, Pufferfish, shells, golf balls, but mostly shells.

Guns and Ammo

Guns and Ammo

NickyOne thing that gets me slightly paranoid in the forest are the hunters. Even though there are probably way more guns at home in Hackney and Dalston, the idea of people silently creeping around with shot guns in the dark, looking for glinting animal eyes slightly scares me when I’m out for a tinkle with my LED head torch on ;) Odds are very small you’d come across anyone out here, but I still find it makes me feel slightly uneasy… Even though it’s probably unwarranted.

Micro Mussels Make A Meal Not

Micro Mussels Make A Meal Not

Able Mable The Trusty Tractor – Endeavor Inlet

Able Mable The Trusty Tractor - Endeavor Inlet

NickyThere’s a real retro village feel about the little guest houses and cottages here. All sorts of beautiful artifacts and objects to grab shots of. This tractor not only had a wicked logo, but a brilliant name too :)

Pelorus Bridge to Captains Creek Hut

Impressive corrugated iron sculpture on Maungatapu Road

CookieEasy start to the day following Maungatapu Road which slowly turns into a gravel track and then footpath as it heads into Mount Richmond Forest Park. The road walk was kept marginally interesting by occassional views down to the amazing emerald green Pelorus River and this rather impressive corrugated iron sculpture.