Surf’s up at ‘The Bluff’

Surfing at The Bluff

NickyIf you look really close up you can see a surfer fella tucked in there in the waves. Couldn’t get too close without getting the boots wet on this shallow slopping beach.  But Nilesh we thought of you when we saw these three chaps. There were some sweet waves, and no other humans for miles and miles in either direction. You’d have had tears in your eyes ;)

Getting clean in Punaruku Stream

Getting clean in Punaruku Stream

CookieWhen we arrived here, we both got the urge to go no further today ;) Great to have a wash after the hot & sweaty day, although we found out the morning after there’s loads bigger and better pools for swimming in down stream.

Barrons Beach, Whananaki

Barrons Beach, Whananaki

Therm-a-rest Surfing!

Cookie Surfing

Joining the Tribe at Tieke Kainga Marae, and a Dip!

swimming at  tieke kainga

Pikpriki – The Finish Line (and a final swim)

Pikpriki - the finish line

Emerald Pools

Swimming at Emerald Pools on the Pelourus River

Getting clean in the Sabine

Getting clean in the Sabine

We Found the Hot Pool!

Nicky & Cookie bathing in hot pool

NickyWoop Woop! And well worth the roaming around it was. I’ve never been in a proper wild hot pool til now, and it’s so exciting to pretend like you’ve ‘discovered’ this little secret place. 

Where’s this Hot Pool?
From the Windy Point/Lewis Pass end of the Harpers Pass section, you head out of Hurunui hut for an hour til you see the McKenzie Stream signpost, continue on towards No.3 Hut. After 10 mins or so you see the first waterfall across the path (down in a gully). 20 mins or so later you’re looking for the second ‘waterfall’. The path should literally walk over the stream part way up this open rocky area where the water tumbles down a cliff to the river bed below. We’d cut down off the path around 20 mins after the first waterfall to walk along the valley bottom and look upward for the steep rock cascade. It was much more obvious to see from that vantage point. A wide area of dark faceted stone, sprinkled with green slime :) Nice! Cutting back up the far side of it we found a path leading to the top of the cascade where a small pool filled the width of the rocky area. Tadaaa! Get your pants off, it’s The Hot Pool!

Luxury Bathing

Nicky & Cookie in NZ hot pool