Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

NickyYou come across a few large river mouths following the east coast, and for this one the trail notes suggest kayaking around. A bit of sea kayaking sounded like fun! I was secretly a little apprehensive beforehand about going out to sea in a kayak after only having paddled around a lake before. Not knowing how choppy it might be, or how strongly currents might affect us. But it turned out to be an absolutely fantastic day!

We had awesome weather, flat seas, and glorious sunshine – perfect conditions. And our guide Mark taught us well as he took us through rock channel formations and round the headlands, with a quick stop on Goat Island for a picnic. ( I can recommend his lentils and pickle – tasty! ). A spectacular way to check out the coast. It feels surprisingly relaxing and graceful, ( not hard work at all ) silently gliding through the water, admiring it’s turquoise colour, and gaping at a few exotic looking sea birds. And lots of fun with a few more waves! If you come this way you have to give it a go! 

Kayaking was an amazing experience, and so much easier than I’d imagined. Get’s the miles done swiftly too ;) It was easily my most favorite part of our month so far in NZ, and I’m tempted to try and squeeze in as much as we can on the route ahead. There’s a few rivers and lakes I have my eye one – it’s still arm and leg power so it counts eh ;)    

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