Salad days at The Junction Hotel, Thames


NickyDehydrated pasta, noodles and porridge play havoc with belly and the brain if you go for days without proper nutrients. So aside from boshing Berocca as much as we can on trail, getting into town is a chance to nail a few vital vitamins! I believe Cookie’s thoughts are that it’s probably sacrelidge to miss any opportunity for steak and chips, but I think just sometimes you’ve gotta make space for a few leaves ;) 

This is us chillin on the roof of our pub/hotel. Bloggin, boozin, and botherin the landlord Oz. He was busy up there smoking a Snapper on the barbie with some Manuka wood chips. Smelt pretty tasty… Manuka are the fragrant trees the expensive honey making bees hang out in, in the bush. Also first called the Tea Tree, by Captain Cook himself.

CookieThis is what happens when you take a girl hiking.. salad on your rest days! When me and Paul walked across America, our rule was to find & eat the biggest steak in town. Ah the good old days eh ;)

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