Round Two! Riding With The Pros.

Nicky & Josh Canoeing

NickyBit nervous I was as we set out again. My knees were still pretty sore to move after smacking into those rocks! But the high water, although browner and less pretty to look at was smooth flowing, flat, and wide with no boulders, logs, or steep bits to be seen! And with Josh telling me there was absolutely no way I’d be falling in on his watch, and me a little surprised his mate Mitchell was happily taking on the challenge i started to feel like i’d been a bit of a wuss haha! We were soon all happily paddling along, listening to their banter, and learning how to read the river :) A totally different experience to last time! Good fun :)

CookieI was more nervous about Nicky riding with a well built, bare-chested bloke in the back of her canoe, than the river today.. Thankfully I don’t think the peck-flexing impressed her too much ;) Josh was a good lad though and so pro that he didn’t even need a life jacket.

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