Rotoiti Lake – on the Edge of Civilization

Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes National Park

NickyAfter a couple of days blogging like maniacs, ( writing, cropping, html-ing, and painfully uploading on hairs-width-band internet ) our brains were fried and our bodies still battered and scraped from our expedition across the Richmond Alpine Ranges. After stuffing our faces with nutrients, and as much sleep as we could squeeze in, I still felt well rough. The weeks of dehydrated food has been messing with my insides in ways i could never have imagined. And so with a runny bum, and jelly legs I convinced Cookie that instead of nailing it up the valley to the first hut, we get the tent up and chill. And so with a ‘bottle of medicinal’ we unwind in the setting sun… Covered in sandflies :)

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