Hard to get hold of the hard stuff here?

Mount Gay Rum

CookieSo we’ve started to realise that in New Zealand they only sell beer and wine at supermarkets. If you want to get hold of something that packs a bit more punch for it’s weight, you have to find a liquor store. Google maps doesn’t reckon there’s that many though (maybe not all listed?) and this store in Paihia might our last for quite a while.. To be on the safe side we decided to fill our booze bag up to the max with 2l of Mount Gay Rum, should keep us going for a few days ;)

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  1. graham says:
    on 8th Nov at 08:32 pm

    I always wondered why this was, that the heavy water is sold separate. Maybe, so the NZ govt can keep stats on the number of ‘those’ drinkers under control. Placing wine and spirits in a bag, we did this to go Kayaking to Anchorage Bay in the Able Tasman park.
    Looks bad if you keep well stocked if you don’t find another liquor store. The store ‘Liquor King’ usually has a good deal… and an assuring name ;-)