Hangover Pizza at ‘The Cow’

Hangover Pizza at The Cow

NickyOh god, I’m so ill. I can barely even sip a cocacola. It’s all gone Pete Tong and there’s no salvaging it. That pizza Cookie’s eating is going to make me throw up I think! I order an ornamental salad. Purely to stare at. Maybe it will absorb via osmosis and I’ll not have to actually physically eat it. I tried this technique for an hour or so with limited success. So I ate the cress from the top and took it home in a brown box, to stare vacantly at it some more, late into the afternoon. 

The slow micro consumption of cocacola saved me in the end. Followed by a bag of crisps. It’s the only way. A slow meander through some tourist tat shops kickstarted the transformation back to some semblance of self awareness.

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  1. on 7th Apr at 10:50 am

    haha! when we were 2700 hours into our flight home (no movie changes! but lots of awesome memories to entertain us :o) i remembered…. i left my ornamental take away pizza sideways up in our living room!! hope it didn’t over-power the stench of our trecking boots that we left behind ;-) or maybe…. it served as a tasty morning breakfast on your journey back into the wilderness?!!! MISS YOU GUYS!!! good luck. where are you? may the tip of the land greet you with flourishes of the first(ish) sunrise on the planet and… the deserted island backen!! i meant beckon. but maybe it was the bacon (and haggis) that made me make the typo?!!! see ya on da other side, the amazing nicky and cookie dot com! :-)))))