Fried Grasshoppers Anyone?

Fried Grasshoppers anyone... Anyone?

NickyYey. We found ’em! Arriving at Highland Creek I was happy to see our compadres had only decided to do a one-hut-tramp today, and give us a chance ;) But no sooner than we’d crossed threshold, and DM had busted out the oeur d’oeuvres. What a greeting! Mmmmmm! So what are these then exactly?

“Grasshopper anyone?” … 
“H’excuse me?” … 
“They’ve got salt and pepper on” … 
“Oh, well, in that case how can I resist?”

… Errrm???? We knew the Tasties are well up for foraging food, and hunting barehanded SAS-stylie and everything, but, woh. Things had turned a bit ‘Bear Grylls eats a maggot’ on us ;)

I stuffed one in me mouth. And, wow. To my utter surprise it didn’t taste bad at all. In fact it was genuinely rather good! Honestly! I’d probably eat them again. Quite crispy. A bit like a fried onion, or crunchy seaweed. They tasted like they had some kind of marinade on. But they didn’t. I can recommend grasshopper as a garnish for cheesy mashed potato for sure!

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