Free Beer

Free Beer

NickyAfter a day of discovering some awesome beaches we ended up in the DOC ( Department of Conservation ) campground in the Mimiwhangata Coastal Reserve. After an epic, hot and sweaty 13 mile day we were so thankful when fellow campers Aiden and Helen popped over to introduce themselves bringing with them cold beers! Wuhoo! What awesome lovely people :D We salute you!

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  1. katie says:
    on 2nd Dec at 08:42 am

    Looking at your pics and reading your advebtures makes my work day less tough (it’s sunny outside most days and would love to be out there too). Roll on holidays. Funny. I work in an art department and after seeing this pic my workmate and I said how we couldn’t forget your face that this pic was funny and youo guys would be fun to have a beer with. Well. I didn’t forget your face and you both just walked past my work and I said hello, much to Nickys surprise :) will be seeing some of the places you have been to! (Langs beach hello!) Have fun in the Coromandal!!! If you are back in Auckland, come over for dinner (I live with 21 people in a very big house) Katie x :)