Rockin’ Robin

Bejeweled Robin and Friends

NickyCheeky Robins! Loads of the little fellas in this part of the forest, following along in the bushes. I guess our stomping feet must kick up all the tasty insects, but you can tell that part of them are just a little curious to check out these giant colorful humpbacked-hiker-birds that visit occasionally ;) Either that, or they know we’re packing noodles!

One of the Robins stood out as having more street cred than the others. Sporting several brightly colored plastic bangles, he obviously liked to make a fashion statement. I think perhaps he’s a Shoreditch Robin on holiday. Bullied and chased by the other Robins for being different …

EARTHQUAKE! Writing this I’m sitting in a Hanmer Springs motel after finishing the section. The chair started to wobble on the decking and I was annoyed that someone was stomping so hard that it was wobbling the screen. I looked up, no-one there, is cookie shaking my chair? … No? I stand up. Oops this is weird I think it’s an earthquake! Just a few seconds long. The oddest feeling. Hope all the Te Araroa hikers are ok! :/ You don’t want to be on a mountain side when the earth shakes, for sure.

Anyway, robins. Yeh, they were cute. Be handy being a bird in an earthquake eh. You could just hover over it til it’s all done. Miss all the falling rocks!

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