Empty-Faced Possum at Caroline Creek Biv

Empty-Faced Possum at Caroline Creek Biv

NickyHis packed lunch a-stealin’ days are over… His cheeky rare bird egg nibbling a distant memory. Feel a bit sorry for the lil fella though. Found him near the fire… Was he cooked up for tea by some hungry hunters? 

We camped in the end after our super exciting and exhausting  day, just short of Caroline Bivvy. I’d been looking forward to the novelty of my first stay in an emergency bivouac shelter. But looking at it in the harsh light of morning it’s not looking as cozy as I’d imagined! :) A log to sit on, and a plastic bucket for un-defined purposes ( no loo here? ). But a cracking stone construction of a fire pit outside. Complete with a rotisserie! ( Cookie says it’s just a stick for hanging pots on, but I like imagining a wild hog-roast going on ;) ). 

What made me chuckle was that the only modern expense on this hut was the fire exit sign :) I mean look at it. It’s a wooden box with one door. You need a help finding the fire exit? :)

Anyway… Time to push on. This town isn’t getting any closer hanging around chatting to you guys!

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