Chorizo And Teriyaki = TerryItzo!

Chorizo And Teriyaki = TerryItzo!

NickyJust as we pegged it into Daley’s Flat hut the sky opened and let out water of an impressive volume. We were expecting the hut to be full of our newly met compadres from Dart hut, but as we flung back the door and squelched in we found we had the place to ourselves. Somehow we’d managed to sneak past them all on track. 

And so after revving up the fire and nestling our boots round about it, insoles poking out like a family of goretex enhanced rabbits, we set to work on the evening’s sustenance. Tonight was a special night. The inception of a brand new fusion of tastes never before conceived of. It was daring. Some might say crazy. But it’s boldness paid off ten fold. 
May we proudly bring you, the magic of…. TerryItzo!

TerryItzo Ingredients:
Chorizo fried in Butter with Onions
Instant Cheesey Mash with added diced fresh Onion
Teriyaki Sauce to stir into the Choritzo mixture
Spring onion to garnish 

Yum yum! Oh yes!

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