Alan and the Harrison’s Cape Runner Tour


CookieTo be honest, we weren’t particularly looking forward to the ‘tour’ to the top. But bloody hell this was the best tour I’ve ever been on. Our tour guide Alan (half Maori, half Scottish) was the perfect person to drive us to the top, not only did he grow up in the northernmost settlement here, but he was also the last person to man the lighthouse at Cape Reinga before they converted it to solar power and presumably fully automated in 2000. He was a very funny bloke, seemed to know everything about the Far North, even what all the farms were planting or how many head of livestock everyone had.

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  1. snooplobb says:
    on 5th Nov at 08:01 am

    Ha!! He is mental that guy, a real “classic”, I met him last year on that same trip. Mental mental roads right! Did you tell you about some tourist going over the hill in their car and setting fire to all to bush around it?! Beautiful there tho right?!

  2. Nicky says:
    on 7th Nov at 06:34 pm

    Emma! :D Yep! Same story about the tourists who were having a barney which their car blew up ;) Yeh gorgeous up in the North. Ruggedly beautiful coast line. .. How funny. Alan the international superstar ;)