Whoop Whoop! We Dun It!!

Nicky & Cookie Jumping For Joy at Bluff Signpost, The End of New Zealand

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  1. Mike says:
    on 13th Apr at 08:40 pm

    Amazing! Congratulations. The sad bit is that one of my favourite blogs won’t have many more regular updates.

  2. on 13th Apr at 10:11 pm

    Well done guys :)

    It’s been very enjoyable following your journey. Now go find some beer and enjoy a nice fry-up tomorrow :)

  3. Beddardo says:
    on 13th Apr at 10:51 pm

    Bloody amazing guys, I am so proud of you. Can’t wait for you to come home so you can regale us with stories of your travels. xxx

  4. wetwebwork says:
    on 14th Apr at 02:48 am

    Congrats – it’s been great fun following along! =)

  5. Peter Cunningham says:
    on 14th Apr at 03:43 am

    Congratulations, it’s been inspiring viewing your journey!

  6. Toni says:
    on 14th Apr at 06:46 am

    So great to see, you made it! Brilliant job, guys! Congrats!
    It’s been a great pleasure “walking“ with you thru the entire country. A bit sad though it’s over now.
    Enjoy your holidays and have a safe trip home.

  7. nuzzaci says:
    on 14th Apr at 07:11 am


  8. Nicky says:
    on 14th Apr at 12:04 pm

    Thanks so much guys!! It’s been brilliant to know we have had so many people cheering us along all the way. And checking in to make sure we’re still alive too ;)

    It’s going to be sad not to be on the trail anymore, camping out and meeting crazy people, but it’ll be awesome to get onto phase two of the adventure – The Cook Islands! We’re casting ourselves away on a desert island! WooHooo! So, stay tuned for lots of Wilson jokes, and Cookie looking even more like Tom Hanks by the day. There will be fishing and coconut adventures a plenty ;)

    See you all soon back in Blighty, for the mother of all booze ups. You’re all invited!



  9. anne says:
    on 14th Apr at 01:47 pm

    Congratulations! Ya’ll have done amazing! This has become one of my more favorite blogs (just like the CDT updates!) & I will miss seeing your fabulous pictures & reading your updates.

  10. ollie says:
    on 15th Apr at 12:15 am

    YAY!!!!!!! awesome feet (pun intended!!) well done you two :-) yes please keep blogging on the deserted island!!! have fun! don’t eat any more dehydrated food! swimswimswim in the turquoise sea…. ahh… hey is that next?… swimming all the atols between new zealand island number 3?!!

    ps. my walking boots are still wet?!! LOL!

  11. Tim says:
    on 15th Apr at 12:38 am

    Well done Nicky and Cookie. Congratulations. Another trip complete and thanks for sharing it with us again. How does it compare to the CDT Cookie? The scenery looks way better and far more varied.

  12. on 15th Apr at 02:42 am

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following your journey from Virginia USA. You are both so inspiring and beautiful! The photos, descriptions, stories, sunrises, splashes, meats, bugs, and birds were all amazing! Congratulations to you both! Best of luck on all your future endeavors! -Cole

  13. Chris says:
    on 15th Apr at 02:50 am

    Absolutely amazing news, well done you two.

    So so proud of you Nicky who’d have thought that you’d end up walking 3000 KM over proper big ass mountains and ting! A huge, positive step forward Sticky Lickson.

    Lot’s of love and respect.


  14. Jason says:
    on 16th Apr at 06:33 am

    Congratulations from Boston, Massachusetts!
    I’ve really enjoyed following your progress from the start and I’m a little sad it’s over! The photography has been amazing and the whole account entirely entertaining. Congrats again and enjoy your well-deserved rest.

  15. Jane and Nick says:
    on 17th Apr at 06:10 am

    Well done guys! Absolutely AMAZING adventure and can’t wait to hear all about it when you’re back!! Enjoy your desert island experience. xx

  16. adrienne says:
    on 26th Apr at 03:45 pm

    congrats from toronto, canada! stumbled upon your blog months ago and have been following the journey ever since. new zealand is such a great country and to see it on foot must have been sweet as… :)
    way to go!

  17. on 16th Jul at 01:06 am

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