View over Wellington

View over Wellington

CookieRight, we can see Wellington, now it’s just a matter of getting down there.. The Te Araroa takes the scenic, rather than direct route into town. We thought we’d made it to civilization then the trail took us off road down a thin slither of bush cutting through the suburbs. Out on the other side of Trelissick Path and halfway up the ridiculously steep Weld Street, we were starting to seriously consider catching some public transport! Luckily we were invited in for coffee by a lovely couple who were curious about the trail, so fueled up on caffine and Christmas cake, we pushed on to our pre-booked ‘special treat’ hotel on Cuba Street :) Well knackered by the time we arrived.

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  1. Graham says:
    on 31st Jan at 03:38 pm

    You gotta try the ‘Comedy buses’ in Welly. Hold and strap yourself in for a hair raising ride. Go Welly buses really move and can stop on a cent! Go visit ‘Blanket Man’ currently sitting on Courtney Place on Tory st corner, I can see him still sat there now.

    Good on ya Bro