The Fastest Indian

Fastest Indian

NickyI’m sorely lacking in infos on this ‘Fastest Indian on planet Earth’ fellow. I understand it’s a movie, and book of course. But there my knowledge ends. Therefore, I shall just ‘improvise’ my own version for you. 

Looks to me like this guy was always late to work. I imagine he got well ribbed for this at times, and got pretty sick of the ‘Captain Slow’ jokes. He needed a vehicle, but what? Well, what better than a rocket? Being a big fan of Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear, and Scrapheap Challenge, he didn’t let a little thing like rocket science hold him back. He busily set to work in the garage plinking, plonking and tinkering. And pretty soon, that old vespa he’d bought of that ageing mod Paul Weller down the boozer, was transformed. Unveiling it from the lock-up was a proud moment. It was Monday morning, and he was late for work, again. But, no matter. This bike has flames on it. Carefully fitting his aerodynamic enhancing feathered head dress, he struck a match, and lit the fuse… I’d have hoped he got to work on time. But I imagine, like all good movies, he probably comes a cropper and dies at the end. Poor fella. Still. It was an heroic effort.

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