Supplies for 3 Weeks on a Desert Island

Supplies for 3 Weeks on a Desert Island

CookieHere’s what we packed for 3 weeks on the island, it was our biggest shop of the holiday! We took all the essentials such as cocktail umbrellas and straws ;) We had to post most of our hiking gear to friends we’ll be visiting in Oz to fit it all in our packs. It would of been nice to change our diet after 6 months of noodles and porridge, but our Air Raro flight had a weight restriction of 16kg each, so we had to stick to the lightweight hiker food for a little while longer. We did manage to add a load of fresh food to this when we got to Aitutaki.

Our hosts gave us a MASSIVE bunch/branch of bananas that kept us going for toppings on our porridge in the mornings. Also a regular supply of Paw Paw and lime for elevensies :)

Noodles are our mainstay, we never get tired of them, our favourite brand is Koka Noodles, they make the best Hot & Sour soup base. We add all sorts stuff to our noodles – Dried chilli, balsamic vinegar, dried mushrooms and anything fresh we can get our hands on.

We had coconut rice mixed with some Thai curry pastes for dinner, plus whatever fresh veg we had. Our hosts would also send us some special treats to spice it up, fish, eggs, cake and all sorts.

Coconut Rum Cocktails
We mix up our lemon & lime drink powders strong and tart, add some fresh lime and our rum of choice Mount Gay, then just stick it into a freshly cracked open coconut, awesome drink!

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