Steep Sidling

Nicky doing some steep sidling on the Te Araroa Trail

Nicky“Sidling”.¬†What’s sidling I hear you say? Sounds rather pleasant…
“He sidled up to me and asked for a tenner”, a ‘cheeky wander’ perhaps…?
Nope! It’s effing hard work that’s what! :) When you see ‘sidle’, in future, read ‘Indiana Jones shimmying along a precipice with his back to the wall’. It’s not that relaxing let’s say, technical underfoot, and it’s heck of a slow progress! :) Basically it’s a thin path cut into the slope of a steep valley. And not necessarily a flat path either. ‘Undulating sidling’ now that’s my personal favourite. There was a ‘junior intro’ to sidling this morning ( a minor annoyance ). We were in for the ‘pro course’ later in the section!

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