Out of Gas and Out of Cash

Mangamuka Saddle

CookieI’m not quite sure if today’s turn of events was a blessing in disguise or not? Nicky was sick of the jungle and pretty tired when we rolled into Mangamuka Bridge looking to re-supply. We only had $20 left in cash and the store didn’t take Visa or MasterCard, neither did the cafe, nor the pub/hotel.. Shite. Note to self – carry more cash (hope there’s no muggers reading this ;) Maybe we can get one of these Eftpos cards, they seem the only plastic taken around here.

Anyhow, $20 of food wasn’t going to get us to KeriKeri so we had to hitch to the nearest town with a cash machine. Blooming Kaitaia, where we started from! Well probably turned out for best because Nicky’s getting a good rest in a comfy motel and we can get a bus from here to KeriKeri tomorrow, missing out the next bit of jungle (much to Nicky’s delight).

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  1. on 5th Nov at 10:36 am

    Orrr Stink (as a blessed Kiwi would say)! Yeah man, get yourself a Eftpos card, works wonders. I never carry cash and wish the beggars on the street would accept eftpos and then I would offer them cash to get some… food…alcohol ;-)

    Good luck with the tour