Only 6 miles of State Highway 63 to go!

Kiwi sign on State Highway 63

CookieEnd of a long section and my birthday today too! Should of been a good celebration in town, but sadly St. Arnaud didn’t quite have “all a hiker needs” as the trail notes suggests. No Pascalls Milk Bottles, that’s all I think about when on the trail, well other than beer. I’ve got a beer, but it’s my birthday and I want some bloody milk bottles too ;) We decided to go to Nelson in quest of the hard chewy milkly goodness.

It actually wasn’t all about the milky treats, they didnt have our favourite noodles, or any Mount Gay Rum, and most importantly we needed cash and their machine didn’t like the look of our foreign plastic. We booked ourselves on the next shuttle to Nelson, 9.30am the following day, washed our clothes, downloaded hundreds of photos to the iPad and began the sorting through them. Munched on some Pascalls Party Pack, which admittedly had a few milk bottles in there so I wasnt too hard done by.

In the evening we went out to the Alpine Lodge restaurant for a meal to celebrate my birthday. We shouldn’t of bothered, after being ignored by the staff for ages (presumably hoping we’d go away!), we got served. I fancied the sound of the ‘Pork Shoulder with Chorizo Sausage and Red Cabbage’, but my stomach didn’t like the look of it one bit.. I’ve had this before, living off dehydrated food for days can sometimes leave your stomach incapable of stomaching real food. Mine was cramping up fast, in fear that I would soon vomit all over the fancy restaurant I had to leave Nicky to settle up..

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  1. Eleanor says:
    on 16th Feb at 08:27 am

    Belated happy birthday Cookie, Sabina and I are following your great adventure, you both look so well and the scenery looks incredible.

    Sometimes wish I was there, but loving being mummy to Sabina too.

  2. wasteddime says:
    on 18th Feb at 08:49 pm


    :) :D

    EURGH, cant wait to go on my own trip!!