Martian Landscape


NickyJust one more long day and we’d be out to town. Or that was the plan! :) Hot hot sun beat down on our weary bodies as we rumbled through the Martian or Moon-like landscape. Scree, slips and sharpened boulders littered the place. Making it feel other-worldly. Another moment in which you half expect William Shatner to pop out from behind a rock dragging the body of a half-eaten disposable cast member in a red shirt. 

Looking down at my red shirt… I gulped and ploughed on. “Just think of the pub, just focus on the pub” I chanted to myself, staggering onwards. An illuminated vision of Shoreditch’s OAP like a beacon of holyness in my mind. Pete the barman stood arms outstretched with an ice cold Becks Veer dripping in condensation, a heavenly light all around…

“NICKY!!” Shouted Cookie. Juddering me back to reality… “I think the heat’s getting to me” I said, dribbling.

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