Log Bone Yard

Log Bone Yard

NickyStark white trunks against the shimmering darkness of the sand… I’ve figured out what feels weird about this place. It’s inverted. Negative. No dark wood on white sand here. Just arching pale bones protruding from the blackness. Giant ribs of wood. The washed up dead remains of a once living forest. The leaves and animals long gone. 

And odd sense of timelessness felt, mile after mile. Looking forward, looking back. No sense of distance, or a clue to our position. A fascinating environment. I can’t imagine there’s anywhere like it. Even though it’s not a jolly, or welcoming place, I loved it’s extremeness. And it’s relentlessness. You could believe you’re the only ones alive on the planet.

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  1. Jane and Nick says:
    on 9th Jan at 05:41 am

    Hey guys,

    Looks like you’re getting right to the heart of NZ, as always loving the pics and stories!
    I read your post on Whanganui and thought I would pass on a few basic words of Maori I know, FYI a song in Maori is generally called a karakia, and the nose-kissing is a hongi! Some other useful Maori words … kai – food, haere mai – hello/welcome, haere ra – goodbye, ka kaite ano – see you later/tomorrow and an important one: whare paku – toilet!!

    Loving the trip, it’s making me homesick,

    Nick & Jane
    P.S. Mum & Dad found the illustration in the visitor’s book at Waipu can’t wait to see it!