Heading Down Siberia Valley

Heading Down Siberia Valley

NickyAnd so, after our accent and decent of Gillespie Pass, and previously making our way up the Young River Valley, another valley awaited our feet. Siberia Valley! Complete with Siberia Hut and Siberia River. It sounded like it might be time to get the gloves on ;) But to our delight it was roasting hot! 

After a quick stop off at Siberia hut to catchup with our very amiable hut warden ( from the last valley’s Young Hut ), and get his advice on the viability, best techniques and exact best place to ford the large and formidable Wilkin River, we struck out along the valley floor.

Update: Siberia Hut actually burnt to the ground a few days ago. Crazy! We were only just there and commenting on it’s great retro style, and how nice the hut warden’s little flat was. What a shame! No one hurt though thankfully. Poor fella in charge that night was a volunteer warden. He must feel awful!

I read it will take $250,000 to rebuild. I guess that’s a lot of wood to chopper in eh. No roads in these ‘ere parts.

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