Havelock, green shell mussel capital of the world!

Welcome to Havelock

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  1. jerome says:
    on 1st Feb at 07:55 am

    Still dreaming, following your distant trip. I just wanted to know the kind of temperature you’re going trough on this trip ..

  2. Gordon says:
    on 3rd Feb at 03:20 am

    Dear Nicky & Cookie, Back from Aus and NZ 3 weeks and missing it all so much. We got your blog details from one of ‘your companion walkers’- (I didn’t get her name, but she said she was a care-giver in Aukland) on a ferry crossing into Russel near Bay-of-Islands on 9 Dec 2010. Your daily updates gives us inspiration to do the Aroa Trail. My wife and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary on Monday and I celebrate my 60th birthday in July, so before someone says I’ve reached my sell-by-date, I better get on planning my six month excurtion to NZ for the adventure. Keep on with the tramping. I look forward to your further mails. Regards, Gordon (Johannesburg, South Africa)

  3. Paul says:
    on 9th Feb at 10:06 pm

    Cookie, A very happy birthday to you fella.

    Been following you all the way and absolutely gutted I’m not their walking with you both. Not long after you left I needed a knee operation which knocked me out of action for some time. Wear and tear they said and I’m assuming the 3200 miles from Mexico to Canada didn’t help! Keep up the good work and hopefully Claire and I May join you both on the next epic adventure.

    Take and and see you back in Blighty.

  4. vingadorverde says:
    on 12th Feb at 06:25 am

    it’s been a while since their last update. I wonder if they’re still alive.