Getting clean in Punaruku Stream

Getting clean in Punaruku Stream

CookieWhen we arrived here, we both got the urge to go no further today ;) Great to have a wash after the hot & sweaty day, although we found out the morning after there’s loads bigger and better pools for swimming in down stream.

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  1. on 16th Nov at 08:11 am


    er…. any room at the inn for a certain onhollieday on your trails?

    i just booked! same flights as nico :-) woopwoop! can hardly contain my excitement. actually – i’m not containing it am i!! woooo!

    can’t wait to see you. your trails already are eye wateringly amazing! shall i bring high protein SPAM? or maybe the cocktail blender for cookie’s marvelous margaritas!

    speak soon and keep on treckin :-)


  2. TastyTrek says:
    on 9th Dec at 10:40 pm

    we may or may not have camped right where your bags are! too tired to go on… not too smart but the weather was good in the area so we figured that there wouldnt be any flash floods… nice area though!