First view of the seemingly endless 90 Mile Beach

90 mile beach

CookieIn some respects I’m looking forward to 90 Mile Beach, it’s flat easy walking. But then again I’m also fearing it because it’s long, featureless and possibly very tedious.. time will tell!

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  1. nuzzaci says:
    on 27th Oct at 10:01 pm

    Looks amazing! I’m in an office! That simply can’t be tedious.

  2. Beddardo says:
    on 27th Oct at 10:05 pm

    Ok, I live by the beach and can see the sea from my house – but even I can’t help but feel quite envious at this. Looks absolutely amazing! Good luck dudes!

  3. Paul Shannon says:
    on 28th Oct at 03:20 am

    Lovely pics and an almost as lovely site (I love the front page layout and navigation).

    However: the RSS feed is showing unscaled images at 2048×1364 in (google reader anyway) which is hard to view on many monitors. As well, your comment forms appear to be ‘leaking’ the right and left arrows (I try to move forward a character in the form and it takes me to your previous post. Anyway, I can’t imagine you can do much about it from the trail.

    Otherwise, cheers! and enjoy your walk.

  4. admin says:
    on 28th Oct at 05:34 am

    Cheers Paul. Yeah we’re still tweaking the site, we have have a secret third member of the team in Sweden helping us get it ship shape, we’ll get on those issues soon! Cookie.

  5. wasteddime says:
    on 28th Oct at 05:40 am

    AMAZINGGGG!!! hahaha i feel a lil envious now (bet you get that alot) Although it’s needless to say, but Have Fun!!

    Love from Malaysia :-)