Fielding to Palmerston North

Fielding to Palmerston North

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  1. Kenyon says:
    on 12th Jan at 01:49 pm

    Hi Nicky and Cookie!!!

    I have been following the two of you since the very start (not on trail but via web). I check your site daily without fail and you have been a great help with my preparations as I’ll be hiking Te Araroa starting this Sept.
    Have been a fan of your videoing skills too (US hike) and that’s how I found out about you. Can’t wait to see this NZ video. I’m so excited about it.
    I’m very impressed with your webpage and photography. Best I’ve seen. I’m a photographer but webpages are foreign to me.
    Thanks for all the tips and suggestions you make. I’ve made a note of them all.
    Take care both of you. HAPPY TRAILS!!!
    Kenyon :)

  2. on 14th Jan at 07:55 am

    Good to hear Kenyon :) Yep I’m looking forward to my own NZ video too! Some of the footage we’ve shot so far looks AMAZING and we haven’t even got to the best stuff yet (South Island).