Difficult to stretch your legs on this sort of terrain..

Motueka River Right Branch

CookieWe were really hoping to get to town today, only 21 miles to St. Arnaud from Hunters Hut and 10 of those would be fast miles along road or 4×4 track. All we needed to do was keep up a reasonable pace on remaining 11 miles and we’d be drunk as lords this evening :P But those 11 miles from Hunters to Redhills Hut were not were not of the fast progress persuasion. It’s not that they were difficult miles, just not the sort of terrain you could stretch your legs and get any speed up.. Boulders, bogs, slips, scree, ups and downs galore!

It was shortly after this monster river bed leading onto Motueka River Right Branch that we admitted defeat and set our sights for day on Redhills Hut.

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