Day Breaks on a New Adventure

Day Breaks on a New Adventure, sunrise at Bluff New Zealand

Option One was in the remote Marshall Group, perfect island, but it was going to cost a small fortune to get out there. Option Two (the one we went for) was in the Cook Islands, which is a damn sight cheaper to get to from New Zealand. It wasn’t quite as desert island stylee as we’d like, there’s actually a (basic) beach bach to stay in and it’s within a busy and popular lagoon – Aitutiki. But on the plus side, it got voted the best beach in the whole of Australasia in 2008. We have to live with tour boats stopping by each day at lunchtime, but other than that it’s all ours! One Foot Island here we come! Don’t be fooled by the the name, it must be at least a hundred foot long ;)

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  1. on 20th Apr at 06:54 pm

    WELL DONE Nicky and Cookie! Fantastic trip, totally awesome blog… Thanks for your good comments about TA. I wish we had had a chance to meet up with you in Auckland.
    Anyway, enjoy One Foot Island. There are birds there that nest in the crooks of branches, no nest or anything. And turtles in the lagoon, and those giant clams that you read about in boys’ own adventure stories. Have a wonderful time together, you’ve earned a holiday. All the best – Miriam Beatson, TA Trust.

  2. on 24th Apr at 05:44 am

    Dear Nicky…. Welcome back… Amazing trip.. Very attractive and very nice blog. Hope we can expect your posts here in this blog!!! All the best Nicky… Thanks for sharing dear!!! Very happy to see you again..LOL

  3. Garry says:
    on 26th Apr at 04:04 am

    Well done to both of you. I’ve been following your adventure from the start. What an amazing achievement!!

    Get those weary bodies off to your deserted island for a well deserved rest!

    I hear you can walk the Great Wall of China…….