Day 5 ā€“ Friendly Kiwi Folk

Pam and Nic Noort

NickyWe got chatting some some friendly kiwis who were out for a few days fishing and boozing’ together :) They were chatting about shark fishing and how there’s ‘a big one’ out there right now… Scary! :D They were a good laugh and offered us a couple of ice creams that were very welcome indeed! Cheers Pam & Nic, Murray & Shelley! Hope to bump into you again later on the trail :DĀ 

The Utea owners were lovely too and popped over with a bunch of home grown potatoes. So far we’ve found Kiwi folks to be super friendly and kind hearted, which is fantastic news for a couple of ‘homeless’ roaming Londoners like us ;)

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  1. Kate says:
    on 1st Nov at 11:09 am

    I like the reflection of you guys in the window – but who is the mysterious man leaning on a chair?

  2. on 4th Nov at 10:51 pm

    Ha ha, yeah there was a few other friendly Kiwi folk in there too!