Coromandel Walkway

Coromandel Walkway

CookieThe weather was a bit poop for the start of the Coromandel Walkway, we started in grey drizzle, fully togged up in our waterproofs. After negotiating the carnage strewn throughout the campsite by a group of school kids staying there, we were on a our way and sweating profusely. The clouds were lifting and the weather was clearing up nicely.

This was a very easy day, only a 6 or 7 mile walk to the DOC campsite at Stony Bay. The wide track hugged the contours of the coastline with fantastic views at every corner. There’s a great lookout after Poley Bay that’s definitely worth the detour. There’s also another track higher up (the mountain bike track) to make a loop back to where you started.


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