Cheeky Wine Bag Camouflage

Cheeky wine in a bag

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  1. Tim Wilson says:
    on 11th Dec at 03:16 am

    Your blog never fails to make me smile when I read it every day as I have my lunch here in the frozen North of England. How lucky you both are to have each other and being having such a splendid adventure together!

    PS. Go Dirk!

  2. Paul says:
    on 13th Dec at 09:22 am

    Looks like you are both having a ball! When you get to the mountains of the South Island…i might meet up with you and bring some beers!


  3. on 22nd Dec at 09:23 am

    Wow that would be awesome Paul :) Congrats on completing the Kepler run, that looks hardcore!